About Us

The most advanced nations are the most and the best care for family... We belief that the family is the unit of community structure and development; from this concept we take our decision to establish the National Foundation for Family and Community Development (the proposal of development and care).
The National Foundation is centralized NGOs in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 23 of 1964, which was amended by Law No. 84 of 2002 under the number 208 for the year 1991 in order to assist the Egyptian families to improve their quality of living socially and economically, furthermore to assist these families to increase the practice of productive activities and projects development of productive families by personnel training and products marketing inside and outside Country.
Our mission
We are caring about the person, family and community development.
Our Scope of Work
1.     The local communities’ development.
2.     Caring of Special Groups and the Handicapped the following:
·       The implementation of plans and programs for caring of Special Groups, the Handicapped and Special Needs.
·       Expansion in the preparation of Productive Families is applied. By training to increase their skills and invest the income to increase the productivity training practice and economic.
·       Rectification for Categories, who due to the aids and capable to be productive classes.
·       Rehabilitation, vocational training and development for private citizens, who drop out of primary education by vocational training programs.
·       Maintain and development of The Genuine Egyptian Heritage craftsmanship and industries.
·       Implementation of cultural, religious and entertainment plans and programs for caring of youth.
·       Development of Productive behavioral trend to be social ethics for the family and person.
·       Products marketing inside and outside country with the achievement of overall quality.
·       Efforts coordination withthe concerned governmental and non-governmental organizations to execute the purposes of the Foundation and conduct the research and studies to serve the target groups.
Our goal

              We create a producers community by marginalized groups and low-income through training and productivity programs to enable them to get professional opportunities of fruitful fields of work, wherethey can integrate in productive and active society to be competitor in economical markets.
Our logo

              Our logo represents the Foundation’s concept, which clarifies the role of women in the family and community development. This role is starting alongside with men in the family to provide social protection and economic development of the sons. The end of her role as an effective production the community, she has a right to work alongside with men in political participation and making decision- in the free society with equality opportunities in order to achieve our mission.
The Management

            The Foundation is managed by the Trustees Board, which is headed by Prof .Dr./Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs.
They exercise their activities in accordance with the policies, which were set by the Council for achieving the Foundation’s goals.
The Council takes the necessary actions to ensure that the Foundation carries out their missions by perfectly methods. It set the necessary rules, regulations and decisions for the management, which are contributed on its sectors for achieving the Foundation goals and mission.
§Activities and projects
First: The Rehabilitation and Social Sector,which includes:
There are Three Foundations for Handicapped and Special Needs sons to rehabilitate them by number of healthy, psychologically and socially plans and programs for integration in the community. These programs qualify them. These programs are conducted by the professional teamwork in various fields. The programs are the following:

·       Tests conducting to determine the mental age and health status of the sons and their ability to adapt.
·       The special scientifically educational programs, which are evolved and developed by the helping of qualified specialists to be corresponding with their results of the tests.
·       The ongoing daily care and control of the sons.
·       The suitable training of communication skills, learning and training of simple craftsmanship with their abilities are applied to integrate them into the community.
·       Periodical inspection and provision of medical care of sons is conducted by the external hospitals or health units by the Foundation.
Theall above mentioned programs are applied to achieve Two goals:

1.   Social goal aims to modify the patterns of abnormal behavior of the sons and prepare them with the abilityto integrate in the Community.
2.   –Rehabilitation goal aims to train the sons for simple craftsmanship to convert them to be productive and active in the community and they can self-reliance.
Youth Care Programs (Social and Cultural Clubs)
The Foundation prepares entertaining camps,trips, symposia and cultural art and religious competitions to motivate them to participate and integrate into community to bear theirresponsibility.

Second: The Social Development Sector, which includes:
·       The Project supports and finances associations, which aim to provide loans for small and micro projects to create jobs that to reduce unemployment among citizens in general and youth in particular in the various governorates of the Republic.
The Standing Outlets for Marketing
The Foundation established these outlets to help productive families to market their products and as well as participation in several temporary exhibitions inside and outside the Republic.The Association markets the products of the Productive Families and person’s in the several of the craft handmade fields and heritage, who were registered from all the Republic provinces.
Third: The Training and Production Sector, which includes:

There are (5) Training Centers of production and vocational training. They aim to the rehabilitation, training and capacity development of professional and private citizens, who drop out of primary education by a number of training programs including permits to work in economic activity and contribute to the solution of national problems as Unemployment- illiteracy, furthermore production sections and workshops that meet the needs of citizens;especially young people, who are interested to make products in particular demand as furniture with competitive economical prices and concessions in payment.

Fourth: The Marg Economical Development Sector, which includes:

1.     Agricultural land.
2.     Animals Production (Livestock).
3.      Bakery.
4.      Feed factory.
5.      Dairy Factory.
6.      Ceramic & Leather project.

The Foundation works to promote all of these projects and feasibility studies to avoid obstacles and operating at full capacity. It takes advantage of the output of agricultural land and productive projects to develop and improve the performance of the productivity and service projects, which contribute to:
·       The Productive family developed to serve the people of the region by simple craftsmanship training to create the trained hands of labor in several areas, who able to work and integrate into community.
·       The community developed to contribute in solving the problem of unemployment and give the children (especially education drop outs, who pose a danger to the community and its stability) professionalism fruitful areas of work opportunities to pay the wheel of production in community.