Sectors & Activities

sector rehabilitation and social welfare


Number three institutions shelter for the sons of the disabled and those with special needs in order to rehabilitate health, psychologically and socially for integration in the community through a number of plans and programs, which qualifies them for that team work in various disciplines by:
 Tests to see mental age and health status of the sons and the ability to adapt.
 The development of special education programs and sophisticated correspond with the results of the tests with the help of specialists scientifically qualified to do so.
 Continuous daily care and control of the sons.
 Filial training on communication skills, learning and training on simple professions that are commensurate with their abilities to integrate into society.
 League detection upon the children and the provision of medical care through the external hospitals or health units within the institutions.
And all this in order to achieve two goals:
1 - social goal: is to modify the patterns of abnormal behavior of the sons and equip them with the ability
    To integrate in the society.
2 - apply a goal: is to train the children some simple professions that make them productive
 And active in the community and they can self-reliance.
· Youth welfare programs (social and cultural clubs) through the establishment of camps and leisure-oriented trips, symposia and art competitions, cultural and religious in order to motivate them to participate and integrate into society and take responsibility.