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sector rehabilitation and social welfare

Institutions of education and intellectual events astray in Giza

Title 3 El peace - Ezbet دلاور El Behind Boulaq Dakrour Hospital
The field of employment and rehabilitation care services in the field of intellectual disabilities and events
Scope Aljgeray work of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Absorptive capacity 80 Son
Current occupancy 65 Son
Target in the future 100 years
The number of employees in various disciplines 83 employees
Degree of disability for children simple and average disability
 Cases accepted by the institutions of intellectual education and events astray and conditions of acceptance:
Enterprise accept cases which deposited the prosecution without a civil or hotline or by the implementation of the order of the juvenile court.
§ The main admission requirements for intellectual education institution as follows: -
1. To be the son of nationals of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
2. That there is no IQ less than 36 degrees and not more than 75 degrees, taking into account social conditions.
3. To be able to move on its own.
4. In the case of psychiatric disorders Pat list must be of the type that does not lead to behavior المتنافر with taking into account the exclusion of people with mental illness or mental disorders or serious infectious diseases.
5. That no more than 18 years of age and not less than 7 years
6. Accept the case after a presentation to the Committee supervisory institution, after the presentation and discussion of all the documents I'm alone.
1) is the implementation of the prosecution filing certified by the Ministry of Justice.
2) A Medical released from a government hospital and certified with the seal of the hospital.
3) Minutes of handing the police.
4) IQ test issued by the classification and orientation center role of education.
5) 4 personal photos of the event.

The daily program for the children of Intellectual Edification Foundation and Homeless Children
Time The Program
To From
6.30 AM 6.00 AM Wake-up
7.30 AM 6.30 AM Cleanliness and showering
8.00 AM 7.30 AM Breakfast
8.30 AM 8.00 AM The changing between evening and morning shifts
9.00 AM 8.45 AM Morning assembly
1.00 PM 9.00 AM Variety programs as educational classes and professional workshops
2.00 PM 1.00 PM Lunch
2.30 PM 2.00 PM The changing between morning and Afternoon  shifts
4.00 PM 3.00 PM Compulsory Break
7.30 PM 4.30 PM Variety Activities as entertainment - Sporting–communications  - art works
8.00 PM 7.00 PM Dinner
8.30 PM 8.00 PM The changing between afternoon and evening shifts
9.30 PM 8.30 PM Watching TV programs
6.00 AM 10.00 PM Sleeping